Soal Bahasa Inggris 3 Kelas IV Semester II

Choose the correct answer by crossing a,b,c,or d !

Pilihlah jawaban yang benar dengan menyilang huruf a,b ,c atau d !

1.A: Today is Thursday.Waht day was yesterday ?

B: Yesterday was….

a. Tuesday

b. Wednesday

c. Friday

d. Saturday

2.The eightmonth of the year is….

a. june

b. july

c. september

d. august

3.There are hair on my….

a. Face

b. hair

c. head

d. eye

4.A:What do you do in the morning ?

B: I always….in the morning.

a. sweep the yard

b. sweep the floor

c. make the bed

d. take a bath

5.Shima is….the flower in the afternoon.

a. washing

b. watering

c. sweeping

d. mopping

Text for number 7 to 10 Mrs.

6.Mrs.Vina : when do we celebrate independence day ?

Umar: it is on august 17 th Mrs.

Mrs.Vina : Iin what month do we celebrate the national education day,lyla?

Lyla: it is on may, 2 nd Mrs.Vina and,when do we celebrate kartini day ?

Rosyid : it is on april.

Mrs.Vina : good ! do you know in what date is it ?

Rosyid : it is on april the twenty first.

7.On August 17 th we celebrat the….

a. national education day

b. new year

c. kartini day

d. independence day

8.The National Education Day is in ….

a. may 2 nd

b. may 21 st

c. may 22 nd

d. may 12 th

9.On April we celebrate the…

a. new year

b. independence day

c. kartini day

d. national education day

10.What date is the kartini day ? it is on….

a. april the twenty first

b. may the second

c. april the second

d. august the seventeen

11.what is the English of Perut ? it is…

a. waist

b. back

c. chest

d. stomatch

12.I wear ring on my…

a. eye

b. ear

c. head

d. finger

13.We can hear voice with our…

a. eye

b. ears

c. nose

d. mouth

14.Every morni Wina is ….some clothes .

a. washing

b. eating

c. sweeping

d. painting

15.I plant flower in the…