Soal Bahasa Inggris 3 Kelas V Semester I

Cross (x) a, b, c or d for the correct answer !
Silanglah (x) huruf a,b,c atau d pada jawaban yang benar !

1. Let’s go to the …I want to buy some foods.

a.  library
b. canteen
c.  laboratory
d. classroom

2. Ridho : hi, Vanya
Vanya : Hi ridho
Ridho : nice to meet you.
Vanya : …..

a. nice to meet you too.
b. nice to met you
c. nice to meet
d. nice to you.

3. Nice to meet you means ….

a. senang bertemu denganmu
b. menyebalkan bertemu denganmu
c. indah bertemu denganmu
d. menyedihkan bertemu denganmu

4. Teacher : please, introduce yourself.
Amanda : my….is Amanda.

a. hobby
b. name
c. age
d. grade

5. Her duty is to take care of the patients in hospital. She is….

a. teacher
b. nurse
c. gardener
d. farmer

6.Winda : can I have some apples,please ?
Amir : sure….
Winda : thank you.

a. here
b. here you are
c. here are
d. this one

7.Rudi : what is your favorite…?
Riko : I like doughnut.

a. feed
b. drink
c. food
d. foot

8. She is ….reading

a. a book to read
b. a book read
c. a book reads
d. book

9. Mother slices the onion. Slice in Indonesian language is….

a. memotong
b. mengiris
c. mengaduk
d. memasak

10. Ayah suka minum kopi. The English sentence is ….

a. father does not like to drink coffee.
b. father likes to drink coffee.
c. father like to drink coffee.
d. coffee like father to drink .