Soal Bahasa Inggris 1 Kelas V Semester I

Concept Understanding

1. Cross(x) a, b, c or d the correct answer !
Silanglah huruf a, b, c, atau d pada jawaban yang benar !

1. Najwa : How are you ?
Susi : ….

a. I am fine
b. thanks a lot of
c. how do you do ?
d. I don’t know

2.A : hello andri, how do you do ?
B : hello,….

a. fine , thanks
b. I am all right, thanks
c. how are you ?
d. how do you do ?

Text for number 3 – 6.
Herman likes Fernando Alonso very much.
He is the champion of F 1 racing last season.
He is friendly and generous. He is thirty years old.
He is tall and strong.He has thick eyebrows and that’s what he looks like best.
He has pointed nose and thin lip.He is from spain.

3. Who does herman like ?

a. Fernando
b. Alonso
c. Fernando Alonso
d. Fery

4. What is his achievement ?

a. a good actor
b. champion of moto GP
c. winner of tiger cup
d. champion of F1 racing

5. How old is he ?

a. twenty years old
b. twenties years old
c. thirty years old
d. thirties years old

6. What is Alonso like ?

a. he is slim and short.
b. He is fat and short
c. he is fat and tall
d. he is strong and tall

7. A : where is Henry and Rose’s house ?
B : … house in on Elm street.

a. Her
b. His
c. Their
d. Our

Text for number 8 – 10
Name : Lilian Putri Dewi
Date of Birth : June 2nd 2001
Address : Jl. Mataram 21 surakarta
Occupation : fifth year of elementary school
Hobby : swimming

8. Where does she live ?

a. Jakarta
b. Jogja
c. Surakarta
d. Semarang

9. What is her hobby ?

a. running
b. swimming
c. reading
d. sleeping